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Organismic Synthesizer

The Lyra 8 offers you 8 simple oscillators,  with a wide, un-quantised pitch range, hyper LFO (2 that interact), dual delay  and distortion.
Waves can be shaped from Triangle to Square for tonality (sharp control), plus FM operation between the pairs of voices.
Mad, out of control delay based effects and distortion will take you places you probably haven’t been before.
There’s no real traditional interfacing with the Lyra 8. Voices can either be put in drone mode in groups of four (1-4 and 5-8) or triggered via the eight metal contact points beneath each voice, with preset envelopes short (relatively) and long – really long.
In Out
Audio out is mono 1/4 jack, plus an 1/8th inch heapdhone.
CV Voice – 1/4inch – takes an incoming voltage and applies it pretty abstractly to the voice pitch. But no recognisable scaling.
Delay CV – control of the delay time
The delay is a noisy digital affair, slower times lead to more noise and bit reduction, but you can create very interesting and complex effects by having very short modulated delay times – using either the Hyper LFO or the Self mode – which returns the output back into itself.
Distortion and FM
Distortion finishes off the signal quite literally, though a drive and mix knob ensures you can get some quite subtle colouring of the sounds too.
FM mode is completely unpredictable but gets the Lyra 8 into even weirder territory, you can create a closed loop FM setup with all voice pairs feeding back to each other.
Ethereal floaty drones and texture. Angry, weird, tight, modulated delay pings. Massive throbbing tones. Completely out of control messy noise.

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